Raw – Paperflower

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Inspired by nature, Raw Series has been designed with Barbarot’s handmade recycled paper; naturally dyed and enriched with flowers and spices. Simply saddle stitched, the Series recalls the purity and simplicity of the universe.


• Handmade recycled paper cover, enriched with ground cinnamon

Please note
• Each cover is recycled handmade paper. So please keep in mind that the cover of your order will not be exact same with the image, which makes it unique.
• The handmade recycled paper is fragile and requires extra care in contact with liquid and other materials.
• Keep away from direct sunlight as this may cause discoloring.




Asset 40@300x

A5 size
21 cm x 14.5 cm

Asset 62@300x

30 blank pages

Asset 59@300x

Saddle stitch

Asset 39@300x

80 gsm Enzo paper

Asset 48@300x

Handmade recycled paper cover

Asset 64@300x

360º rotation

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