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Human – Salmon

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Human Series has been resulted from the confusion created by human thinking himself superior to all other beings. As a symbol of this confusion, an old stamp found at flea market in Lyon has met the ink again: 
Experimentation on animals = Danger for man
Please note
• The handmade stitches require additional care. 


Asset 40@300x

A5 size
21 cm x 14.5 cm

Asset 62@300x

30 blank pages

Asset 60@300x


Asset 39@300x

80 gsm Enzo paper

Asset 66@300x

Stamping on the cover

Asset 64@300x

Flat open

Attached to the slow and responsible production principles, all of Müsvedde notebooks are hand cut, hand drilled, hand bound in respect of the traditions. By nature of craft production, the notebooks are not exact same thus each one is unique. Despite great care, slight deviations in material and shape may therefore occur.

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