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Chaos – Sand

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Chaos Series has been designed by watching the daily human-centered disorder on Earth. Randomly moving threads in a specific form resemble and concretize with various types of chaos. Each Chaos is different and unique.  

Please note
• Each stitch on the cover is random and made by hand. So please keep in mind that the cover stitches of your order will not be exact same with the image, which makes it unique.
• The handmade stitches require extra care. 


Asset 40@300x

A5 size
21 cm x 14.5 cm

Asset 62@300x

30 blank pages

Asset 44@300x

Singer hand sewing

Asset 39@300x

80 gsm Enzo paper

Asset 57@300x

Hand stitching on the cover

Attached to the slow and responsible production principles, all of Müsvedde notebooks are hand cut, hand drilled, hand bound in respect of the traditions. By nature of craft production, the notebooks are not exact same thus each one is unique. Despite great care, slight deviations in material and shape may therefore occur.

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