müsvedde x sessùn

For more than 20 years, Sessùn creates a subtle and unique female fashion. By playing with volumes and materials and reinventing the classics and the female/male codes, Sessùn writes the story of free and inspired woman. Always involved in a conscious approach that is focused on quality and respect for know-how, Sessùn stands out with its support to the local traditions and its commitment to ethical and eco-responsible production.

Sessùn cultivates this outstretched hand towards other arts through collaborations with independent artisans from around the world that push it to reinvent and broaden its horizons. That’s how it came across with Müsvedde.

The two brands playing with new combinations of materials and colors, a new Chaos color is born and the handmade recycled covers of Raw Series diversified with new natural ingredients; white paperflower and black tea. By bringing Sessùn and Müsvedde together, the result is a product where the shared values of the two different brands meet and come to light.

musvedde x Sessun